“The Stones Never Move” a new single by Michael Fordays


Michael Fordays, the talented artist wrote about seven magnificent songs that are set to be released within this year, 2024. He got it all together for the rest of the year, the entire year, I must reiterate.

The first single among these songs was released earlier in the year and the recent one, “The Stones Never Move” was also released on April 12, 2024. Both tracks are from his upcoming album called “The Odds of Magic”.


This is a great start for Michael’s music career as he has started putting this much energy into his work of art. Michael Fordays is also known by the name, Jensen and he is a co-founder and co-writer for Mind Over Four.

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It is incredible to know that, Michael Fordays is a multi-talented artist as he is a guitarist alongside a producer. It’s also interesting to know that Michael co-produced most of his songs out there as well as this very one, “The Stones Never Move”.

The lyrical message of the track is very insightful and inspiring as it centers around overcoming life’s obstacles and achieving success. Follow Michael Fordays on any of the streaming platforms to get acquainted with this spirit of optimism.

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