The last single from Andy Smythe’s album “Poetry in Exile,” “Don’t be fooled”


The final single from the album “Poetry in Exile” by Andy Smythe is “Don’t be a Fool.” It is a song that explores themes of betrayal, renewal, and self-reinvention in a post-Covid world.

The album, “Poetry in Exile” has received widespread critical acclaim from music bloggers, radio stations, and national publications including the likes of Shindig and RnR magazines.

However, the album is also a personal and introspective artwork that delves into the challenges of human relationships, living, renting, and mental health in the aftermath of the pandemic, Covid-19.

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Andy Smythe

Despite its dark tone, the album offers a message of hope for humanity, encouraging listeners to treat each other with kindness and compassion.

The artist, Andy Smythe thanks supporters for their help in sharing the album’s message, noting that it was a challenging but rewarding experience to create and promote the album independently, playing all instruments, and harmonies, and handling PR efforts. Keep supporting.

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