Sarkodie rubbishes Nana Addo as he reacts to his ‘Happy Day’ endorsement “Shout out to JM”

Sarkodie rubbishes Nana Addo as he reacts to his 'Happy Day' endorsement
Sarkodie with Nana Addo

We broke the news of rapper, Sarkodie’s endorsement of the incumbent president, Nana Addo. However, Sarkodie’s first reaction to this endorsement news seems to be quite dicey.

Hours after Sarkodie released Happy Day, the song in which he endorsed Nana Addo, the President tweeted in complement of the song. But Sarkodie being quite frantic with the President, replied telling him that he should not take advantage of him or exploit him[Sarkodie].

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Moreover, Sarkodie explained to Nana Addo that if he said anything about government in that song, it went to all all parties not him[Nana Addo] alone. He then gave Nana Addo and is his biggest opponent, John Mahama his regards[shouts out].

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Ending his tweet, Sarkodie warned that if he feels like stating the flaws of the government, he would also do so accordingly.

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Check out their tweets below:

Sarkodie rubbishes Nana Addo as he reacts to his 'Happy Day' endorsement

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