Lil Pure rebrands to Kojo Pure


Budding Ghanaian hip-hop talent, Lil Pure rebrands. The talented hip-hop singer in recent developments has changed quite a number of things about his musical brand in a bid to rebrand.

Notable among the things Lil Pure changed in this rebranding process are; his stage name, the genre of music he does and his look.

Thus, his new stage name is Kojo Pure, aside from Hip-Hop, he will also be doing other genres like AfroTrap and Afrobeat. Speaking of his looks, the new Kojo Pure look is etched by his red-dyed hairstyle.

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Kojo Pure

Moreover, Lil Pure, now Kojo Pure, speaking on why he rebranded, stated that he is coming out with an all-new style for his music.

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