Mohbad’s death: Nigerian Youth prove themselves better than Ghanaian youth


Mohbad’s death: Nigerian Youth prove themselves better than Ghanaian youth.

Nigerians are better than Ghanaians, they have proven themselves better than us once again with Mohbad’s case.

The recent demise of popular Nigerian music artist, Mohbad and its aftermath nationwide protests against the alleged perpetrators is proof of the strength of the convictions of Nigerian youth.

For the record,  this is not the first time they have proven this fact as they already successfully did so with their End Sars protests.

Their unified front on such issues of national interest portrays them as people with a strong sense of purpose. Unfortunately, this, Ghanaian youth can not boast of.

Taking ModBad’s issue as a case study:
As soon as the Nigerians suspected foul play in the trajectory of incidents in the lead-up to his passing, they began garnering support to demand justice.

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They collectively began digging into the annals of the issues that ensued between Mohbad and his former records label, Marlian Records’ owner, Naira Marley, and his allies.

Moreover, they managed to connect the dots and began protesting in various forms to call for justice. They literally left no stone unturned as they demanded the same from their country’s security forces.

It is therefore no surprise, that they are beginning to see results as the Nigerian police have taken a keen interest in the matter and are ready to get to the bottom of it.

Similarly, they came together and made End Sars a global movement for the protection of their human rights.

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It is rather unfortunate same cannot be said about Ghanaian youth. We all saw how they allowed political affiliations to throw the #FixTheCountry agenda into disarray.

The result of this lack of a strong sense of purpose and conviction is what we witness in the country’s economic woes today.

Before the political ‘foolsoldiers’ come for me,

I rest my case.

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