VIDEO: Snake hidden in lady’s toilet seat bites her to death

VIDEO: Snake hidden in lady’s toilet seat bites her to death

This has been something I only thought of in my wildest imagination, but sadly it is real. Whenever I sat on the toilet seat I would think, “what if there was a snake under there?”. This usually made my flesh creep so badly.

However, I am sad to report that, a lady named Bercy just died of a snake bite after she was bitten by a snake hiding in her toilet seat, otherwise known as the water closet (WC). The snake was hiding under the toilet seat as she sat to use the toilet. The snake then came out unsuspiciously to bite her while she was defecating.

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A ‘snake’s charmer’ was then called to pull out the snake [as seen in the video below]. The lady in question has been identified as Nigeria’s NAF’s personnel and the gruelling incident took place at her house in Abuja.

Meanwhile, over and above this heart-wrenching incident, I think the discussion now should be a preventive measure. Thus, how to prevent snakes from entering into your toilet hole. This could happen to anybody, that is why I would want to write extensively about it.

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Therefore, if you have any expert advice on how to prevent snakes in toilets, kindly share it with me. Send your submissions via email, or any of our social media handles. Thank you.

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