Mark Freiser Was Requested By Chris Level To Host A Discussion On Mental Health


Mark Freiser Was Requested By Chris Level To Host A Discussion On Mental Health

“There’s nothing you can’t do when you’re big” as many would agree. Well, this is how Chris Level contacted Mark Freiser into hosting a discussion about mental health of sync artists and sync composers.

Chris Level wanted to give out advice on how older people can succeed with mental health problems, then it came to his mind that the best way to do it was to contact Mark Freiser who is the owner of sync summit into hosting a live meeting about mental health and how musicians and music artists can take it along. Chris level got a quick response back from Mark with the date of the meeting.

As for now, there will be many industrial people during the meeting discussing on mental health issues and how music artists can help themselves against the issue, it’s not clearly known if Chris Level will be among the talking members but we know that this was a great move from Chris as he used to experience mental health problems by himself at a young age of 13 along with anger issues and succeeded to lower his temper as he grew out of it.

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Chris Level will continue preparing himself for the project he has this August and continue to perfect his music craft as he is luckily in the few number of musicians that succeeded controlling and getting ahead of mental health sickness and most shockingly at a young age of 18. Chris Level posts many times about mental health on his linkedin page for the world to see and get advice from, we will link to his social media down for you to read more about how he succeeded doing so and to follow his daily routine as well.

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Chris Level focusing on making music doesn’t mean he doesn’t see the health issues many of his friends get. This is why he seems to remember to post about it at least once per 2 days. This is something many people thank Chris Level for including his fans and other musicians as well and it’s something that many people look up for him each week and learn about their struggles and concluding with Chris Level and his actions.

By: Laurenz Lamie
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