Kuami Eugene goofs on BBC World News, ignorance or oversight?


Kuami Eugene goofs in BBC World News feature, ignorance or oversight?

Some mistakes tend to be more than what they seem to be. Whiles some are pardonable, others need to be critically dealt with for future generations.

Multiple award-winning Highlife artiste, Kuami Eugene was featured on BBC World news. That’s huge right? Yes, congrats to him.

However, do you know Kuami Eugene goofed in the BBC World news feature? Of course, sadly he did make a mistake in his speech during the interview.

Kuami Eugene was asked about Highlife, the music genre he is known for when he goofed. He stated a lot of facts about Highlife until he started mentioning Highlife legends.

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Thus, Kuami Eugene mistakenly mentioned Reggie Rockstone as one of the Highlife legends. He further went on to call Reggie Rockstone the grandpapa of Highlife. All of which is factually inaccurate.

Facts check: Kuami Eugene goofed

According to our facts check, Reggie Rockstone is the grandpapa of Hip-Life. He is not the grandpapa of Highlife as Kuami Eugene mistakenly said.

Moreover, Reggie Rockstone coined the name Hip-Life for a new genre that combines bits and pieces of Hip-Hop and Highlife. This was what Reggie Rockstone pioneered and championed, not Highlife as Kuami Eugene was erroneously saying.

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So we ask, was Kuami Eugene ignorant or it was just an oversight?

Watch the video below:

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