Frank Owusu wins KNUST SRC President elections, makes history


Frank Owusu wins KNUST SRC President elections, makes history.

Quitters they say, never win that is why winners never quit. Invictus as his mantra goes, he has proven to be undefeated. Frank Owusu has won the KNUST SRC President elections after losing out on it last year.

He makes history with this win by giving KNUST its first female vice president, Deborah Afia Boakye. This is a major feat worth celebrating, a big win for all KNUST ladies.

The KNUST SRC General Elections were held today. The polls saw the election of the SRC President, Financial Secretary, General Secretary, and Women’s Commissioner. By the close of the polls, the results were as follows:

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Richard Kovor – 1,789 votes – 11.31%

Boniface Owusu Afrifa – 1,304 votes – 8.25%

Yvonne Adobea – 2,073 votes – 13.11 %

Caleb Asare-Bakare – 1, 960 votes – 12.39%

Frank Owusu – 8, 514 votes – 53.84 % – President-Elect


Fredrick Walter – 4, 114

Jomo-Kenyata – 3, 468

Yayra Alovor – 3, 431

Justice Anane – 4, 526 – Elect


Comfort Awuah – 10,286 rep. 65.05% – Elect

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Baaba Mills – 5, 263 rep. 33.28%


Mavis Akorbilla – 1,577

Abigail Yeboah – 1,044

Gilgal Aaanikah – 842

Madina Yahaya – 1,420

Maud Asare – 1,675 – Elect

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