Digital Marketer Gorbachev Awuah signs 5 Clients in 5 Days


Digital Marketer Gorbachev Awuah signs 5 Clients in 5 Days

Visual Display Network (VDN) Co Founder, Gorbachev Awuah popularly known as RemsOver signed Digital Marketing deals with 5 Companies in 5 Days. Companies like The Lounge At BGs, Liquid and Grills amongst others are believed to have signed with Digital Marketer Gorbachev Awuah’s Company Visual Display Network (VDN).

Gorbachev Awuah was also recently signed by Kasapreko Company Limited as a Brand Influencer which made huge headlines across the Country. Visual Display Network (VDN) is a Digital Marketing, Content Production and Advertising Company, who have worked with a lot of Brands Papas Pizza, Papas Munchys, Kasapreko, Bofrot Puff Puff Mix, itel Ghana, Infinix Mobile, Pulse Ghana, Huawei, Lynx Entertainment, MrWus Chinese Take Away Restaurant, 4Syte TV, Papaye, GHOne TV, amongst others.

Visual Display Network (VDN) has a good reputation of producing interactive Content for businesses on all their Social Media platforms to get the attention of potential customers and convert them into paying customers to boost sales, including finding underpriced attention to help Companies spend less on advertising.

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Gorbachev Awuah is also known to be a Marketing Strategist who helps Companies to concentrate their limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. These are some of the services they’ll be offering these new Clients who have signed with them.

Sources claim that Visual Display Network (VDN) Co Founder and Digital Marketer, Gorbachev Awuah sealed these deals within a period of 5 Days because of his reputation of being an excellent Marketer and a good businessman, with the rare ability of knowing when failing or stifled businesses need to leverage what they have to increase their revenue and eliminate inefficiencies.
Most people even struggle to sign one Client in a week, let alone signing 5 Clients in 5 days. This is incredible especially since Digital Marketer, Gorbachev Awuah signed on one Client each, every single day from that Monday to Friday.

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We wish Marketing Strategist, Gorbachev Awuah and his Visual Display Network (VDN) Team all the best with their current and future endeavors and we thank them for pushing positivity and serving as a source of inspiration to the Industry and Ghana as a whole.

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