Nana Aba blasts pastors who went to pray at galamsey sites


Nana Aba blasts pastors who went to pray at galamsey sites, God gave us brains.

Recently, a group of pastors, men of God from some Christian denominations went to pray at galamsey sides. Reports say, they toured these galamsey sites and afterward prayed to God to intervene in the fight against the illegal mining, galamsey.

Since the breaking of the news, it has sparked varied conversations around it. Most people, especially on social media expressed their disappointment towards the act. Many argued its utter display of ignorance while others believed the pastors were on a good course.

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Ace broadcaster, Nana Aba Anamoah has also shared her opinion on the issue. She took to her Twitter handle to express how unintelligent the act was. Moreover, she schooled the pastors on how such crises are solved, stating it is not by prayers.

Nana Aba blasted the men of God saying God has given us brains to use to stop galamsey, so he wouldn’t do a miracle of stopping it for us. Thus, God has already given us brains to think and stop galamsey. So, we should not expect a miraculous extinction of the galamsey menace if we fail to use our brains.

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She said:

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