Davido’s World Cup performance in limbo, he confirms ostensibly


Davido’s World Cup performance in limbo, he confirms ostensibly

The world’s biggest football tournament, the FIFA World Cup draws near. Musical performances at the global tournament are highly anticipated. Nigerian music superstar, Davido is expected to perform at the opening ceremony of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

This is because Davido was featured in the 2022 FIFA World Cup official theme song, ‘Better Together’. This affords him a performance slot at the tournament as it starts this November.

However, Davido’s performance at Qatar 2022 is in limbo now as he is currently indisposed. The iconic singer was hardly hit by the death of his son, Ifeanyi, who drowned to death.

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Thus, Davido is so heartbroken now due to the sad incident, he has begun postponing his shows. He has already announced the postponement of his AWAY Festival, which was slated for 18th November, 2022 to November next year.

Moreover, further reports indicate he is postponing/canceling all his shows for this year. This, we are afraid may include Davido’s World Cup performance in Qatar, slated for this month.

That is to say, he may not perform at the Qatar 2022 opening ceremony nor the fan fest. The much-anticipated performance is now in limbo as the singer is yet to confirm its exemption from his list of canceled performances.

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Meanwhile, we are currently unsure of Davido’s decision on this. Nonetheless, we hope he hits the world cup stage to perform in honor of his son’s memory. May he Stand Strong.

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