King Promise reacts to Samini calling his Black Stars song ‘wack’


King Promise reacts to Samini calling his Black Stars song “wack’.

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) in collaboration with King Promise composed a song for the Ghana BlackStars. The Black Stars song was launched on November 15th, ahead of their departure to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Despite the divergent opinions on the quality of the song, Samini thinks the song is wack. Thus, the song is not good enough in terms of lyrical dexterity. Other artists like himself could have done a better job than King Promise did. King Promise’s Black Stars song is wack, it is not good at all, he reiterated.

“The new black starts song though, do we have to learn it before the world cup ? whoever chose it probably wrote it too. Eiiiii track na 3y3 ya saaa no! Hmmm a few of us could have done a better job at that Chale anaa meeb)dam lol. but vim still for the boys. Go Ghana,” Samini tweeted.

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However, when netizens called Samini jealous of King Promise for being chosen to do the song, he dispelled it. Samini noted he has risen to the heights of even performing at the FIFA World Cup multiple times. He therefore cannot be jealous of King Promise’s little feat.

“I did Germany 2006, performed the official song at the closing ceremony at SA 2010. 2014 was yawa and 2018 we no fit go. Been there done that 4get hype. The morale of my statement beyond politics, typos and grammatical errors remains the fact that the track is wack in my opinion,” he tweeted.

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Nonetheless, King Promise in reaction to Samini’s comments about his Black Stars song called him an idol. Thus, he idolises Samini and wishes he lives long and never become a rival.

“Long Live The Idols. May they never be our Rivals,” King Promise prayed.

Moreover, the ‘Selfish’ hitmaker bemoaned it is sad when idols become their rivals.

“Idols become Rivals … Sad,” he tweeted.

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