Sarkodie disses Nasty C for lying about him


Sarkodie disses Nasty C for lying about him.

Africa’s most decorated rapper, Sarkodie disses Nasty C for lying about him recently. The South African rapper said Sarkodie refused to shake his hand when they first met. He went on to say that is why he turned Sarkodie down when he reached out to him for a collaboration.

However, Sarkodie reveals Nasty C lied, he never reached out to him for any feature. Nasty C lied on him, but he kind of understands what ‘the kid’ is trying to do.

Moreover, speaking about the handshake incident, Sarkodie said rappers like Nasty C only need to grab a Marker when they meet him. Thus, they should be coming for autographs from a rap King like him, not handshakes.

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Regardless of this, Sarkodie admitted Nasty C is so smart and he’s still a fan. This is because he is the rap god and he knows the young rapper’s plan is to get his attention.

Thus, it’s like trying to get Jay-Z to respond to Lil Durk. Besides, he is his favorite rapper, MI’s biggest inspiration.

Therefore, Nasty C should get it straight and stop feeding his ego, because he is the Highest in the game. Nonetheless, Sarkodie said he is sorry if he is still hurt about the incident. He just had to make him pay the price for trying to get at him.

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Meanwhile, the Ghanaian BEat Award-winner made these statements in his latest release, ‘Landlord’. That is his last single for 2022, check it out below:

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