Pastor Brian Amoateng dumps homeless boy on the streets despite promising to help him


Pastor Brian Amoateng dumps homeless boy on the streets despite promising to help him.

Youth empowerment advocate and man of God, Pastor Brian Amoateng has been touted for his good works around the world. Most especially his works regarding the youth, he has been instrumental in ensuring their empowerment.

Thus, he empowers the youth via his annual international Youth Empowerment Summit(iYES). That is why he was recently honored by the President of Ghana at the Head of State Awards in Youth Development.

However, despite all these, would Pastor Brian Amoateng dump a homeless boy on the streets after promising to help him? Well, that is the report we are getting according to a video shared by Yen news.

A homeless street boy, Gideon Boateng was telling his sad street life story in an interview on the platform. The young boy said he lost his mother and his dad is away too, leaving him homeless. His sister, a prostitute, brought him to Accra and left him on the streets to fend for himself.

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When asked what his biggest wish was, he said he wants to go back to school. Nonetheless, one other thing he mentioned that was quite shocking was Pastor Brian Amoateng promised to help him but left him to his fate.

According to the 16-year-old street boy, the evangelist promised to take him back to school but he never heard from him afterward. We are unable to confirm the boy’s claims. However, his true life story is so sad, we believe he would not have any reason to lie on Pastor Brian Amoateng.

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That is why in sharing this story, we hope the revered man of God makes the necessary amends. Thus, just in case he simply forgot to fulfill his promise.

Watch the video below:

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