Meek Mill exposes the ignorance of the security at Ghana’s Presidency


Meek Mill exposes the ignorance of the security at Ghana’s Presidency.

Since Meek Mill came to Ghana, he has been in the news for the wrong reasons quite a number of times. His latest ordeal is the backlash he got for shooting a music video at Ghana’s Jubilee House. The Jubilee House is the seat of Ghana’s Presidency.

Following the massive uproar of displeasure at what he did, he took down the video and apologized. He took to his Twitter to admit his mistake whiles stating he was oblivious of the consequences of his actions.

He did not know Ghanaians would feel disrespected by that and it was not done on purpose. Nonetheless, he noted he only sought to showcase what is in Ghana since they do not see much of it in America.

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However, while rendering the apology, Meek Mill exposed the ignorance of the security at The Jubilee House. According to him, they did not even know he was shooting a music video. Even though they permitted him to shoot, they were clueless about exactly what he was doing.

This revelation by the American rapper casts a slur on the intelligence of the security at Ghana’s Presidency. Thus, since Meek Mill was able to shoot a music video at the Jubilee House without them being fully aware.

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Does it mean any foreign celebrity with ulterior motives can easily deceive them and have his way? This Is A Wake Up Call!!!

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