What caused the Kejetia Market fire outbreak that engulfed parts of the market


What caused the Kejetia Market fire outbreak that engulfed parts of the market.

It was just another busy business day for the market folks and patrons of the Kumasi Kejetia Market. The busyness of the market came to an abrupt halt in broad daylight, unusual from their normal morning-to-evening case.

This was as a result of a fire outbreak at the upper tier of the monumental market structure. The fire which started visibly as smoke from a few stores, quickly spread to other areas, engulfing large portions of the market.

The Kejetia market fire kept increasingly blazing and glooming with smoke by the minute. Unfortunately, several people became trapped at the top tier of the market where the fire was. They were inhibited from making their way down since the fire had gutted all the exit routes.

In view of this, the excruciating state of despair forced them to improvise various means of getting down from the upper tier. Many of them were able to get down using a life-saving robe, sliding their way down. Others were rescued via a crane that came later to ease the process of getting them down from the burning market structure.

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Meanwhile, watching people falling off the fire-gutted upper tier in a struggle for their lives was very heartwrenching. A gaze at the scavenging fire annihilating goods and properties worth millions of cedis was also an eye sour, to say the least.

However, come to think of it, what caused Kejetia fire outbreak?
The Kumasi Central Market, where the Kejetia Market is situated is no stranger to such fire outbreaks. The market’s fire outbreaks over the years have almost become an annual ritual. These fire outbreaks usually occurred at different parts of the market but in Kejetia.

It is therefore quite surprising this time around, the usual fire outbreak-free Kejetia market is rather where got engulfed in flames. Moreover, following the trajectory of the history of the fire outbreaks, it mostly started at night, unlike this one that began in broad daylight.

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Nonetheless, speaking of what might have caused the Kejetia fire outbreak, a few causes come to mind. They include the fluctuating power supply better known as dumsor, charcoal fire, or fire from a gas cylinder(LPG). Though the fire started far from the market’s eatery, where there must have been fire sources, there is still a possibility that some store owners cook while the market is in session. This can lead to a fire of a magnitude we witnessed yesterday.

The Ghana National Fire Service is yet to conclude investigations to ascertain the cause of the fire. We would share their findings with you as and when they release their reports on the recent Kejetia fire outbreak.

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