Sarkodie reveals how Yvonne Nelson recently plotted to sleep with him


Sarkodie reveals how Yvonne Nelson recently plotted to sleep with him.

The Sarkodie and Yvonne Nelson’s pregnancy and abortion brouhaha takes a completely new turn with Sarkodie’s response, Try Me. The rapper’s latest release explained his side of the story as he addressed what Yvonne Nelson wrote about him in her book, I am Not Yvonne got social media buzzing.

Since the news of the two’s 2010 pregnancy and subsequent abortion broke, they have been the talk of the town. This was following the actress’s book launch last week Sunday.

In a new twist to the controversial issue, Sarkodie revealed Yvonne Nelson wanted to sleep with him recently. According to him, she WhatsApped him a few weeks ago saying she still feels the pains of the abortion.

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However, when he scheduled a meeting with her at the SkyBar, she said the place was crowded so she prefers him to come to her house. This Sarkodie says was a plot to get a chance to seduce and sleep with him again.

Besides, he was sure she was definitely up to something immediately he saw her WhatsApp message. This has ever since then become clear to him as the events of the past began unfolding and popping up.

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Moreover, Sarkodie noted Yvonne Nelson’s allegations leveled against him in her memoir as just a money-making strategy. Thus, since negativity sells, she decided to make him her bait for selling her book.

Check out Sarkodie’s reply to Yvonne Nelson, ‘Try Me’ below:

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