LX8’s award-winning single, “Quantum Blue”


Singer, LX8’s new song, Quantum Blue has succeeded in winning multiple awards. These accolades include “Best Original Track” and “Best Music Video” which were all won at the 8 & Hal Film Awards, International Gold Awards, and London Movie Awards plus the “Milan Gold Awards”, “4 Theatre Selection” and “Cine Paris Film Festival.


“The track is the soundscape for the music video, ‘The Panharmonion Chronicles: Times of London,’ which is a short steampunk experimental film written, directed, and acted by myself, based on the world of my own debut fiction graphic novel” LX8 cited.

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However, this track captures the story of one Alex Campbell, a multicultural female EDM composer who is battling a violent supremacist cult through the teste time and also struggling with a conflicted identity, a traumatic past, and repressed supernatural abilities.

The song is an attempt at using music to bring us all together through its incredible alternative history saga. That is why it touches on issues surrounding society, race, patriarchy, identity, justice, and structures of power.


The serious issues the song evokes makes it a very insightful musical piece. It is sure going to make progress in its quest to make us feel united as one people.

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