Gary Dranow’s latest single release “Black Coal Lung”


The multi-talented artist, Gary Dranow in collaboration with The Manic Emotions are out with an electrifying single, which is here to shed light on the harsh realities of life confronting communities living in the shadows of environmental injustice.

More so, the track succeeds in conveying vividly the struggles faced by a small town in Ohio. This is a result of toxic emissions from a closely located Coal Power Plant, leading to devastating health issues among residents of the city.

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The band‘s fusion of rock and storytelling carries haunting melodies and poignant lyrics, which creates a powerful earworm narrative that demands swift attention and resonates deeply with its audiences.

Moreover, the track, Black Coal Lung, is a testament to the band’s musical dexterity and also places a call to team up in the fight against industrial pollution.

The awareness of environmental challenges can be amplified by music content creators through the use of their platforms. Gary Dranow is doing just that through his music.

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