How Sarkodie made it to the recent BETs, how could he see the future?

How Sarkodie made it to the recent BETs, how could he see the future?
Sarkodie on BET hip-hop awards 2019

The news of Ghanaian BET award winning rapper, Sarkodie’s recent nomination at the BETs for the 2019 BET Hip hop awards got many so excited, though not being his first time getting a nomination. The rapper’s nod was in the newly created Best International Flow category,  with other nominees Ghetts (UK), Nasty C (South Africa), Falz (Nigeria), Tony Lanez (Canada), Kalash (France) and Lil Simz competing.

Personally, I thought it was one of the best news to have hit the country in recent years, but to utmost surprise, others were acting rather surprised to the news, wondering of what did the magic for the ‘adonai’ hit maker.  Others claim it all happened just too fast but the truth be told, it did not just happen all at once as they thought, Sarkodie himself kept saying it as far back as earlier in the year, when he released his hip-hip glutted musical piece, Alpha tape(EP). And upon consistently listening to the EP and scrutinizing the lyrics word for word, I got to realize he gave so many clues about the great feats he intends achieving with it this year.

Meanwhile, what was however rather surprising to me was that, he mentioned some of these things as if he could actually see them coming, he sounded as though he could see the future. But from my end, I could say owing to what i have gathered, he knew the great prospects ahead of him because he knew he had worked so hard for it. The statement he made in his ‘Legend’ song on the EP, “ I put in the work me retwen results. M’study me friends m’ahu flaws, m’ahw3 me income m’ahu me profit and loss..” affirms my claim as it literally implies he has put in his best effort into this works so all he awaits are results, he has done his background checks to ascertain his flaws and he has seen his income and also checked his profit and loss as well.

Summing it all up, you would realize Sarkodie’s Alpha tape was the major contributing factor if not the only the factor, responsible for this 2019 BET Hip-hop awards nomination. And he could also foretell the future because he worked so hard to perfect his work pieces, so he could only imagine his works speaking for themselves.

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