MOG Beatz reveals hidden details of Sarkodie’s luxurious ‘Sub Zero’ new crib

MOG Beatz reveals hidden details of Sarkodie’s luxurious ‘Sub Zero’ new crib
Sarkodie with MOG Beatz(right)

You may agree with me that Sarkodie as an individual is somewhat secretive. Hardly is he seen flaunting his new cars nor houses, though we know he has a lot to show. It sometimes takes a third party to get to know some of his newly acquired luxuries, though he sometimes mentions them in his songs.

Moreover, just as I noted earlier he made mention of a new crib in the lines of his viral diss song, Sub Zero. “…menh I just bought another crib”. You would recall him stating that in Sub Zero, however, you may also know him enough to know that he would not come showing it off. Nevertheless, ace music producer, MOG Beatz just helped us find the missing pieces of the puzzle.

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MOG Beatz’s revelation

The music maker replying to Sarkodie’s recent tweet helped to reveal some hidden details of Sarkodie’s new crib. Sarkodie posted a picture of someone(not sure who it was) in a sea-view ship with a laptop and speakers set up, with the caption: “All I need at this point”

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MOG Beatz replying to that tweet from Sarkodie asked Sarkodie when they were going to record in his beach house. Blatantly revealing that Sarkodie has a beach house. This implies that just as he mentioned in his Sub Zero song, he has a new crib, which is a beach house. Unless of cause, Sarkodie has a beach house in addition to the new crib.

Moreover, Sarkodie even consented to MOG Beatz’s request, stating that as soon as they arrive in Ghana, they will go straight to the beach house to record a song. This also confirms that he actually has a beach house, the new crib he made mention of. In addition, the house comes with an in-house recording studio.

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Meanwhile, for those of us “who no dey bab” what is meant by a crib, it simply means one’s house, residence, dwelling place, or a hangout. I surely got you covered.

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