Gianfranco unveils latest track ahead of new album, “Are You Lost”


The new track is a sneak peek into the upcoming album of Gianfranco, which is scheduled to be dropping in 2024. “I am thrilled to share this new sound with all of you and can’t wait to hear your thoughts about it,” he noted.

According to him, the new song is a labour of love, and he is eager to hear how it will resonates with his fans and audiences globally. He has extended an open invitation to fans to share their thoughts, feelings, and reactions to this particular track of his.

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Gianfranco’s dedication to his master craft work is evident in every note of this latest release. The track is a testament to his artistic growth and evolution, and fans are eagerly waiting for the full album to drop later in the year.

Gianfranco GFN

Hop onto any of the streaming platforms to get carried away by this masterpiece of Gianfranco, while awaiting the release of the full album later within the year, 2024.

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