A mega remix of Dax’s track, “Dear Alcohol”


The band, led by vocalist Dax, is a talented group of artists/musicians who came together in Wichita, Kansas. Though the individual members’ instruments are not quite specified, their collective sound has left so many audiences astonished.

Similar energy was exhibited in the recent Remix of Dax’s smash hit song, Dear Alcohol. The song tackles the serious topic of alcohol addiction, offering a powerful message and resonating with listeners and fans who have been through similar struggles in life.

However, the band has played at prestigious and most relevant events including the likes of the Canadian Country Music Awards, The Today Show, and the Calgary Stampede among others. These gigs bring to light their ability to connect with diverse audiences and deliver captivating performances.

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Also, this latest single remix was recorded in Montana, with a team of 12 artists contributing to the track. Dax selected these artists from the Tik-Tok open verse challenge, demonstrating the band’s creativity in collaboration and talent scouting.

In the words of the band, “Speak Life Into Existence” a phrase that encapsulates their mission to create music that inspires and uplifts souls. This band is definitely the best one to connect with.

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