Facts-Check: Essien’s Twitter followers never dropped from 1.7 million to less than 700K

Facts-Check: Essien's Twitter followers never dropped from 1.7 million to less than 700K

Recent speculations about Michael Essien’s woes after posting his support for Gay rights suggests he lost over 1 Million of his followers on Twitter.

Thus, his Twitter followers dropped from 1.7 million to barely 7OO Thousand after he declared his support for the LGBT community. This, according to ichrisgh.com‘s facts-checking, the report is totally false.

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Our findings after Facts-checking

According to our findings, Essien did not even have over 1 million followers on Twitter. He rather had 1.4 Million on Instagram, where he made the post, but even that number of followers is still very intact.

Therefore, it is in the first place unthinkable that Ghanaians, after seeing his Gay rights post on Instagram, decided not to unfollow him on Instagram but rather headed to Twitter to do so.

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Our proof

Moreover, a more solid proof from our fact-checking is that Essien himself posted the number of followers he had across his social media handles on 21st January, 2021. His tweet showed that he had 1.4 million followers on Instagram and 685.6 thousand followers on Twitter, not even up to a million.

So we ask. How can somebody with less than a million followers on Twitter drop from 1.7 million to less than 7OO Thousand as it’s been falsely purported?

Though we also acknowledge an inconspicuous reduction in Essien’s following over the period, what is currently being speculated is totally false.

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