Two Policemen who arrested Policeman caught transporting w££d promoted


Two Policemen who arrested Policeman caught transporting w££d promoted by the Ghana Police Administration.

Two policemen arrested the policeman who was caught transporting a substance suspected to be marijuana. They first spotted him while on duty at the Have police barrier.

However, they had to chase him when he refused to stop at the barrier. This led to the policeman’s accident which exposed the drugs he was transporting. The accident happened near Kpeve Mountain following the car chase.

These two policemen have been promoted by Ghana Police Administration for doing a yeoman’s job. The two police officers are Inspector Azuma Komla Justice and G/L/CpL Felix Diameh.

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The Public Affairs Directorate of the Ghana Police has released a press statement announcing their promotion. Read the presser below:

Furthermore, the now promoted policemen intercepted the culprit at the accident scene and picked up the substances he was hauling. The car had 84 parcels of compressed leaves, believed to be marijuana. The samples of the substance has been taken for investigation.

Meanwhile, the arrested policeman, G/Sgt Lotsu Agbeko is currently at the hospital due to the severe fracture he suffered on his hand following the accident.

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The accident scene before his arrest was caught on camera. Watch the video via the link below:
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