Chris Level’s Interview With Lamboxtra Magazine


Chris Level’s Interview With Lamboxtra Magazine

Chris Level was interviewed by Lamboxtra Magazine discussing his first global project that will take place in August and how it is a thrill for him and his music career that started in late May this year [souced from Lambo Xtra].

Chris Level is in a position of power right now as he recently announced a meeting with top industry professionals including Mark Freiser and others. He said that they will discuss mental health in the sync licensing industry where they will opt on issues that music enthusiasts face and how they can succeed in really “taming” them according to the one and
only Chris Level.

The quick rise that Chris Level is going through is coming with a lot of blessings from being invited to meetings of high importance. Also, a lot of backlash from mainly other sync composers and sync artists alike who are sceptical or just don’t want to see Chris Level succeed so much so that they go as far as trash-talking him around the internet. This is also the main factor which is driving his immense popularity around the world and especially in the sync licensing industry.

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Moreover, Chris Level in this interview released a lot of priority gems where he stated that he has an upcoming project which is his first global project as many of his previous ones were small online videos which weren’t actual projects. This one is unique and we really mean it as it is estimated to reach over 2 million viewers from 1 video. The total reach of the project reached over hundreds of millions of fans worldwide from India to the entirety of the world.

The interview was released, it’s been a week by the time of this writing. It was a quick interview which made his fans realize the reason why he hasn’t put out any new soundtrack yet. This is because he was busy searching for new projects to soundtrack and is busy preparing himself for this one, which is a big win for him and also which is one of the biggest if not the
the biggest project to be soundtracked by a sync composer and sync artist this year (as the main composer).

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Let’s keep our heads high as he made sure to make us (“his fans and other people who enjoy his soundtracks”) know what he is being through and how the future is more than bright for him. Chris Level is not only a sync artist and sync composer with touching soundtracks and music but also a prolific speaker from his point of view.

You can follow him on his platform here

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