Shatta Wale did not impregnate me with his iPhone gift


Shatta Wale did not impregnate me with his iPhone gift, debunks rumours.

Recent photos of Akuapem Poloo sparked pregnancy rumours. Though the actress insisted Banku caused her baby bump-like tummy protrusion, the rumour takes a new twist.

Akuapem Poloo is being accused of being impregnated by Shatta Wale. This follows the dancehall artist’s recent iPhone gift to her. Thus, Shatta Wale used the iPhone as bait to impregnate Akuapem Poloo, they say.

However, to the dismay of the actress, she yet again debunks this rumour. Akuapem Poloo says all these come as a big surprise to her because she has never dated Shatta Wale before. Besides, he has never proposed love to her, talk less of sleeping with her.

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