Michael Abuah’s all-important visit to the KNUST Obuasi campus

Michael Abuah’s all-important visit to the KNUST Obuasi campus

Michael Abuah’s all-important visit to the KNUST Obuasi campus, the fate-deciding meeting with the KNUST Obuasi SRC.

The SRC President of KNUST, H.E. Michael Abuah made an all-important visit to the KNUST Obuasi campus yesterday. He and the speaker of the KNUST SRC Parliament, Anokye Andrew joined an entourage of the KNUST Dean of Students, Professor Wilson Agyare and his accountant, Mr Andoh.

Michael Abuah’s all-important visit to the KNUST Obuasi campus
H.E. Michael Abuah, SRC President – KNUST [middle]
The KNUST Dean of Students and his entourage chaired the meeting, leading the discussion of the agenda of the meeting. The SRC President of the KNUST Obuasi campus, H.E. Abban Stephen brought to the table the most topical issues to deliberate upon.

The fate-deciding meeting

Moreover, it is safe to say the meeting was fate-deciding for the Obuasi campus SRC. This is because it sought to make a decision on the pattern of student leadership for the campus. Also, it was a deciding avenue for how funds would be disbursed to the said leadership.

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Thus, the meeting decided whether there should remain an SRC in the KNUST Obuasi campus or it should be converted to a college system of leadership. Moreover, with regards to access to funds, should the KNUST Obuasi SRC manage its own funds or the general KNUST SRC should remain in charge?

Furthermore, there was also a deliberation on how the leadership of the various colleges, faculties and departments could also have access to their funds. The two-hour-long meeting sought to reach a reasonable and most suitable resolution for both campuses.

The witty banter and the resolutions

The witty banter that ensued during the meeting over these issues was spine-tingling. However, the resolutions that were agreed upon at the end were worth all the hustle. The nitty-gritty of which, I would be detailing on Tek O Times, KNUST Obuasi SRC’s media outlet.

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Conclusively, H.E. Michael Abuah assured his commitment and support to seeing a better SRC in the Obuasi campus. H.E. Abban Stephen also assured of his willingness to cooperate with the superior KNUST SRC towards achieving the KNUST Obuasi campus dream.

H.E. Stephen Abban, SRC President KNUST Obuasi [up standing]
Meanwhile, other attendees of the meeting were the KNUST Obuasi campus Dean of Students, members of the KNUST Obuasi SRC executive council, the leadership of the various colleges, faculties and departments, and the KNUST Obuasi SRC Publicity and Media team.

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