Gyakie confesses Forever’s pressure is too strong on her


Gyakie confesses Forever’s pressure is too strong on her.

Award-winning musical diva, Gyakie confesses there is a lot of pressure on her. Her song, Forever was too big, it put a lot of pressure on her to release a bigger song.

The song went viral globally and even charted on Billboard multiple times. The remix of the song also got a massive reception. This put a lot of pressure on her to release something bigger and better.

The pressure was so strong that it almost got to her. However, she had to psyche herself up to just continue making good music. If the song is good enough it would become big.

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“It got to a point when there was that pressure on me to release a song which is bigger than forever, but it didn’t get to me because I’m also doing my part of the work by recording good music and promoting it as much as I can, so obviously when you release a song which becomes very big, everyone expects the next ones to be good songs even if it’s not big.

“So I used to have that pressure, but I don’t have it anymore because I have psyched myself that if I want to drop a song so far as the music is good, I’m not supposed to be triggered to think whether to drop it or not,” Gyakie noted.

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Meanwhile, she was speaking in an interview with Amansan Krakye on Cape Coast-based Kastle FM.
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