Sarkodie reveals why he doesn’t throw money at fans on camera


Sarkodie reveals why he doesn’t throw money at fans on camera, address stingy tag.

Many of you must have called Sarkodie stingy for not throwing money at you on camera. Yes, the rapper never throws money when he sees fans and the cameras are on him.

This has created a certain perception that Sarkodie is stingy. However, the BET Award winner says he does not do that because it is disrespectful. Thus, he thinks throwing money at fans on camera is disrespectful to the fans. “My meaning of that is I don’t respect you,” he said.

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Moreover, Sarkodie noted that even though fans like to see celebrities do that, he would never do it. If he really wants to give you money, he would rather do it in private not right in front of the camera.

That’s how he is and no amount of pressure would force him to hypocritically throw money at fans. He hates doing things just because the cameras are on him.

Watch the video below:
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