Why Ghanaians believe Okyeame Kwame’s free 4-bedroom house but doubt Jackie Appiah’s mansion


Why Ghanaians believe Okyeame Kwame’s free 4-bedroom house but doubt Jackie Appiah’s mansion.

The big question is why do Ghanaians doubt Jackie Appiah’s mansion but completely believe Okyeame Kwame got a house from just one ambassadorial deal?

Yesterday, Okyeame Kwame was unveiled as the brand ambassador of Waylead Ghana, a real estate company. At the unveiling ceremony, the rapper was presented a 4-bedroom house for the deal.

Moreover, Okyeame Kwame noted the house costs more than 250,000 in a subsequent interview. Interestedly, I went through comments about the said ambassadorial deal. However, to my surprise, nobody raised any doubts about it.

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This go me thinking. Why then was Jackie Appiah’s mansion so hard for Ghanaians to believe? What has the veteran rapper done better than the actress to merit such reverence?

Mind you, Jackie Appiah has many ambassadorial deals and still stars in high-budget movies. Okyeame Kwame on the other hand hardly releases songs in recent years and his career is relatively not as vibrant as before.

Therefore, considering all the facts of the matter, it suggests one thing. Maybe Jackie Appiah was attacked just because she is a woman. The backlash on her due to the viral video of her mansion was misogynistic.

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