Black Sherif crowned Chief in Tamale


Black Sherif crowned Chief in Tamale, tours Northern region.

Out of nowhere, he came like a raging storm into the music industry. Similarly, Ghana’s latest BET Hip-hop Awards nominee, Black Sherif is now a chief in Tamale.

The rapper was enskinned by the chiefs and people of the Tamale traditional area as he was honored with a chieftaincy title. Black Sherif is now “Nachin Naa”, thus the Youth Chief of Tamale.

The Soja hitmaker’s coronation took place today, 10th October, 2022 at the Dakpema Palace in Tamale. He was seen adorned in Northern’s chief’s smock and headwear during the ceremony.

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The august occasion took place during Black Sherif’s tour of the Northern region. He is currently there promoting his debut album, The Villain I Never Was.

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