Black Sherif has a hand in her de@th if… – Father of Black Sherif’s late girlfriend


Black Sherif has a hand in her de@th if… – Father of Black Sherif’s late girlfriend

Following Black Sherif’s release of his debut album, The Villain I Never Was, one song off the album instantly went viral. The song, ‘Oh Paradise’ became an instant hit right after its release.

It was indicated that Black Sherif wrote the song in memory of his late girlfriend. Thus, the rapper was in a relationship with the late Clementine back at Senior High School. However, she died under mysterious circumstances. Thus, after an outbreak of a disease in their school, Kumasi Academy five years ago.

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Moreover, Black Sherif later confirmed the news stating that the song is in remembrance of a loved one. Besides, prior to this, past videos of him emerged where he narrated how he sadly lost his first love.

Nonetheless, in a rather interesting twist to this, the father of this late girlfriend calls out Black Sherif. The aggrieved father revealed he nor any family member was aware of the singer’s relationship with his daughter. He bemoaned his daughter was too young to be in a relationship.

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Further, Black Sherif did not attend her funeral with his family to at least inform them about their relationship. Therefore, if Black Sherif does not come clean on the matter, then he could say that he has a hand in his daughter’s death.

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