CCTV Video of how Davido’s son died, drowning to death


CCTV Video of how Davido’s son died, drowning to death.

Many have been wondering how Davido’s son, Ifeanyi died. How did Ifeanyi drown to death in a pool in his father’s house?

Well, it seems your questions are finally going to be answered as a CCTV Video surfaces online. The said CCTV footage, shows a boy alleged to be Davido’s son drowning to death.

The 2 minutes, 40 seconds video shows the boy somersaulting in the pool but unable to get his head up the water. This made him struggle for a while, after which he suffocated and fainted leading to his death.

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The disturbing video has been making rounds on social media for some time now. You can watch the video below, but viewers’ discretion is advised.

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