Sarkodie’s lawyer dies amidst Yvonne Nelson’s abortion case brouhaha


Sarkodie’s lawyer dies amidst Yvonne Nelson’s abortion case brouhaha.

From the onset of the week, Ghanaian multiple BET award winner, Sarkodie has been topical in the news. He has been in the news for all the wrong reasons following Yvonne Nelson’s explosive revelations in her memoir, I am not Yvonne Nelson.

Thus, after the book launch last Sunday, news of Sarkodie and Yvonne Nelson’s pregnancy and abortion broke. According to the actress, Sarkodie impregnated her in 2010 and refused to take responsibility and made her abort the pregnancy.

The disclosure of this over a decade-long secret got social media buzzing and Sarkodie in a pretty messy situation. However, it seems that would now be the least of his worries right now as he loses his lawyer.

Sarkodie’s lawyer, Cynthia Quarcoo Jumu, is dead. The news of the renowned lawyer’s death was announced by one of the rapper’s close associates earlier today.

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The UK-born lawyer, Cynthia Quarcoo Jumu, is a corporate and finance legal practitioner in Ghana and the United Kingdom. She is also the founder of CQ Legal and Africa 1 Media.

Moreover, the deceased was popular for being Sarkodie’s lawyer as well as Samini and Reggie Rockstone, amongst others.

She was also the first lawyer in Ghana to set up a dedicated office in her law firm for the creative arts industry, media, and sports.

Meanwhile, what is worse about Sarkodie’s sad news is that it came right at a time when he was caught up in the middle of a serious controversy. This we suppose must be really tough for the rapper.

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