Kuami Eugene’s exit from Lynx Entertainment, official statement released


Kuami Eugene’s exit from Lynx Entertainment, official statement released.

Over the past few weeks, rumours have been making rounds that Kuami Eugene is leaving Lynx Entertainment. Prior to this, there were also speculations he had issues with the record label.

The speculations intensified when Kuami Eugene joined EMPIRE, a global record label. Thus, when he announced they were his new family. Many people thought that was tantamount to him leaving Lynx Entertainment.

However, Lynx Entertainment finally releases an official statement to address the issue. In a statement signed by Richie Mensah, the record label noted Kuami Eugene is still signed to Lynx Entertainment. His new deal with EMPIRE is just a partnership between Lynx Entertainment and EMPIRE.

“Lynx Entertainment is delighted to announce that it has inked a deal with EMPIRE to work on the project of one of Ghana’s most commercially successful acts, Kuami Eugene. This new strategic partnership will see the 2020 Ghana Music Awards ‘Artiste of the Year’ expand his horizons as he takes on the world with his music,” the statement read.

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Moreover, the deal is aimed at growing Kuami Eugene’s global presence. Besides, Lynx Entertainment has been working with EMPIRE since 2021, the deal started with Kidi.

“Since 2021, Lynx Entertainment has been working closely with EMPIRE; a leading and innovative global label, distributor, and publisher in maximizing opportunities and value for its artistes,” it added.

Meanwhile, Richie Mensah was confident their partnership with EMPIRE on Kuami Eugene is the best. This is because it would facilitate the projection of Kuami Eugene’s talent into the international music market.

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“Kuami Eugene’s deal emphasizes the Ghana-based label’s trailblazing role in the African music industry since 2007. This pathbreaking alliance will aim at projecting the career of the talented and hardworking singer & songwriter on the international market,” the statement noted.

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