VIDEO: Black Sherif’s sex tape leaks


VIDEO: Black Sherif’s sex tape leaks allegedly.

Ghana’s biggest young talent, Black Sherif’s sex video allegedly leaks on social media. The raunchy video shows a young man, purported to be Black Sherif and an unknown lady caught on camera in the act.

Though we are unable to confirm the source and legitimacy of the video, early speculation indicates it is Blacko’s sex tape. This is because the guy’s face and body are characteristic of Black Sherif.

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However, Blacko as he is affectionately called is yet to expressly deny the widespread report. Though many fans on social media keep denying it was him, Black Sherif himself is yet to debunk the rumor.

Nonetheless, we would not want to bore you with too many details. We have the video and you can watch it via the link below:

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  1. Why do you bloggers want to bring the guy down???
    Please reply me cuz I don’t understand it
    Haven’t you done some before?? Is he the to introduce S*x in the world??
    Stop being Hippocrates

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