Most ‘big’ Record Labels are fraud – Sarkodie explains why he refused to sign onto them


Most ‘big’ Record Labels are fraud – Sarkodie explains why he refused to sign onto record labels.

Sarkodie is Africa’s biggest rapper arguably, but he is an independent artiste. Well, he runs his record label, SarkCess Music but that still does not explain why he is independent.

It may also be the case that he chose to stay independent of any record label. Well, maybe we should find out why he does what he does. To help us better understand this better, he finally addresses the issue.

The BET Award-winning rapper finally explains why he does not sign onto any of those ‘so-called’ major record labels. Thus, despite being presented with many such opportunities.

According to Sarkodie, most of them are just frauds, not real businessmen, ‘real owners’ he termed them. Thus, they are mostly in to give a lot of money just to control you. He calls them ‘Fraud Nixxa(nigga) in suit’ and their true intentions are to gag you with their money.

He revealed these in his new freestyle, ‘Fraud Nixxa in Suit.’

“There’s always going to be some fraud nixxa(man) in suit, trying to give you some money to stay mute. Always been part of the game, this ain’t new. How many be real owners? Just a few,” he said.

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In view of this, Sarkodie warned his colleague artistes to beware of the record label deals they sign onto. He advised they should trust themselves more than they trust the record label owners who approach them. This is because only a few of them have truly good intentions.

“Don’t trust nobody, my (man). Trust you. Ain’t (there’s) nobody real in the game and that’s true. We (they) got the money to f**k you”

Moreover, he did not just leave those allegations as blanket statements. Sarkodie disclosed he had meetings with RocNation in which some of these honest conversations came up. He thanked them for further opening his eyes to many more things.

Also, he noted most of these real conversations he had shaped him for the better. This is why he was able to still succeed as an independent artiste. Besides, he has tasted both sides and he can assure you most of these record labels are not real. He can prove it.

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Thus, all those record labels do is milk you dry, and like a parasite, dump you when they are done with you.

“All these record labels be sucking a nixxa’s d**k, they just wanna ride the wave” and that is the sad truth, he noted.

That is why he chose to stay independent but if you want to sign onto record labels, be very careful and ensure due diligence. He has over the years been known for declining record label deals including Akon’s record label, Konvict Music.

Meanwhile, Sarkodie has been touted as the most successful African rapper. He won a BET Award, a BET hip-hop Award, and MTV Awards, amongst others, making him the most decorated African rapper.

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