Details of how Hajia4Reall’s fraud was done with her pictures drops


Details of how Hajia4Reall’s fraud was done with her pictures drops.

At this point, it is no secret socialite cum musician, Hajia4Reall was arrested and is currently in police custody. She was arrested in the UK following her alleged 8 Million dollar fraud case in the USA.

Hajia4Reall was in the UK for Ghana Music Awards UK, and one of the organizers, Kwesi Ernest confirms she was arrested on her to Ghana. However, though he did not touch on the charges against her, the details of the fraud she is being accused of finally drop.

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According to her official blogger, Gh Hyper, Hajia4Reall’s fraud was done with her pictures only. Thus, her pictures were used to perpetrate the fraudulent activities which led to her arrest.

Though he failed to go into the nitty-gritty of the case, he confirms that Hajia4Reall’s arrest is linked to fraud. Just that it was her pictures someone used for the fraud, which he suggests is absolutely her fault.

“Someone used her pictures to do fraud, which led to all these issues,” he said in Twi.

Moreover, GhHyper admonished Ghanaians to stop peddling falsehoods regarding the case. He further revealed Hajia4Reall cannot speak with anyone now except her lawyers because she is still in police custody.

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Meanwhile, the popular blogger was speaking with Sister Sandy on Adom TV. Watch the interview below:

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