TV3 Mentor XI Grand Finale; Too Spyce, Tiah, Marckel and Herby make it


TV3 Mentor XI Grand Finale; Too Spyce, Tiah, Marckel, and Herby make it.

The semi-finals of TV3 Mentor XI was full of fireworks. It was the final eviction night to decide who makes it to the Mentor XI Grand Finale. So, the contestants had to up their game to earn a spot in the finals.

Last Sunday was the semi-finals and the show saw two performances from each contestant. Their first performance was a battle between two contestants, each on stage at a go. The second was a solo performance of a song of their choice, where they needed to give us a show.

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The judges for the night were Abiana, Kwabena Kwabena, and the usual Richie Mensah. Comments from the judges indicated all the contestants brought their a-game on, but Too Spyce, Tiah, and Marckel stood tall.

Moreover, Too Spyce swept two awards on the night, thus Star Performer and Best Costume. She also swept Richie Mensah off his feet, winning three rewards from him. Richie Mensah promised to record a song for her, shoot a video for it and promote the song for her.

However, out of the six contestants at the Mentor XI semi-finals, two needed to be evicted, leaving four finalists. Kweku Wina and Brenda were the ones unfortunately evicted.

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Therefore, the finalists of the TV3 Mentor XI Grand Finale are Too Spyce, Tiah, Marckel, and Herby. The grand finale comes off on the 17th of December, 2022. TV3 Mentor XI, The World Awaits You.

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