CEO of Maloa Foundation calls on Ghanaians to keenly get involved in Ghana’s Population and Housing Census

CEO of Maloa Foundation calls on Ghanaians to keenly get involved in Ghana's Population and Housing Census (2021 PHC)

Ghana’s population census is conducted every ten years. Following this decadal period, Ghana has conducted five consecutive population censuses starting from 1960 to 2010. The next population census was due in 2020.

However, Ghana, just like many other countries, could not conduct the population census on schedule due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Fast forward to 2021; Ghana has begun taking the population census, following the country’s reduction in cases of infection of the Covid-19 viral disease.

Ghana’s 2021 Population and Housing Census (2021 PHC) began on June 27, 2021. The census is scheduled to end on July 11.

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Moreover, the Ghana Statistical Service employed electronic equipment for conducting the census this year, making it a Digital census.

The Population and Housing Census is constitutionally mandatory and serves as a key tool to making critical developmental decisions.

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The CEO of Maloa Foundation, Mr Mickydary Yakubu, in view of how all-important this activity is, calls for the maximum participating of Ghanaians. He reckons that it requires the keen interest and involvement of citizens for the Population and Housing Census to be a success.

Therefore, he uses his office to add his voice to the already ongoing campaign for all citizens to get counted because they count. Ghana needs this to foster its development.


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