Video of pregnant woman bleaching in weird chemical bleaching procedure causes stir


Video of pregnant woman bleaching in weird chemical bleaching procedure causes stir.

Seemingly, many people would go to any extent to bleach their skin. Though most of the bleaching processes are hazardous to their health, they usually care less. This is probably why new ways of bleaching one’s skin keep emerging by the day.

However, would you undergo a chemical bleaching procedure if you were pregnant? Well, a video of a heavily pregnant woman undergoing this new weird bleaching procedure emerges online.

This bleaching procedure is dubbed Lightening glow bath and it lightens one’s skin as seen in the video. The procedure to get it done is, however, quite weird. Nonetheless, the pregnant woman was seen undergoing all the processes like nobody’s business.

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Several substances were applied on her skin as she sat. She was also taken through certain heat, vapor, and fire treatments. This got social media buzzing in shock at why she would be doing all that in such a condition.

Besides, the pregnant woman was not that dark in complexion. It seemed she actually just wanted a lighter complexion because she was already light-skinned.

Watch the video below:

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