Van Vicker looking for this strange boy used in WhatsApp stickers


Van Vicker looking for this strange boy used in WhatsApp stickers.

Popular Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker is looking for a strange-looking boy used for Graphical Interchange Format(GIF) or WhatsApp stickers. Though quite weird looking, his reaction in a photo is such an amusing sight to behold.

That is why that picture of his is usually used as a WhatsApp sticker sent via chats. Van Vicker is one of the many people who use the boy’s stickers in his chats.

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According to him, the unknown boy’s sticker is his favorite WhatsApp sticker of all time. Arguably, nobody uses his stickers more than he does, he remarked. This he says is because the boy’s reaction in the photo is so unique.

“His/her reaction is priceless and fresh everytime.”

In view of this, the award-winning actor is seriously looking for him. He wants to find the boy and give him some royalties for always making his chats memorable.

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