Proklain blends Hip-hop and Amapiano on Poppin


Proklain blends Hip-hop and Amapiano on Poppin, his new release.

The second Hip-hop/Amapiano song of Proklaim, is already making wave within the media circles and among music lovers. You may have already come across the new viral sensation somewhere, somehow.


Thus, the rapper’s new song, Poppin is already making waves on all streaming platforms and you definitely would not want to be left out on this, would you?

It is worth noting that Proklaim is the only rap artist who came out with a novelty as he puts out a multi-genre of rap and amapiano songs in the hip-hop subgenre.

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Prokaim is a solo artist and a song writer who is really enthused about a continuously improving message driven hiphop music. It is therefore, no surprise he has always been so passionate about the change evolution of sonic category of music to hip-hop.

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