Gary Dranow recounts struggle with bipolar and promiscuity in “18, it’s All Right”


The newest captivating single from the collaboration of Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions delves into the raw and honest exploration of the personal life of the artists. He currently battles promiscuity, which he says stems from his untreated Bipolar disorder.

In his melodious voice coming from the incredible soul-baring lyrics, “18, it’s All Right”, offers a true reflection of Gary’s chaotic life story of grappling with his sexuality and mental health struggles.

However, the track depicts the transformative power of self-awareness and growth in the life of the artist, as he struggles from the turbulence of untreated Bipolar disorder to navigating through the complexities of relationships amidst personal turmoil.

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With empathy and compassion, the track’s lyrical attributes invite audiences to earnestly embrace the difficulties in life’s experiences. “18 It’s Alright” was crafted with a rare blend of authenticity and a creative vision of optimism as well as emotional resonance with audiences.

To this end, you, therefore can’t be left out on this immersive storytelling and life experience revelations of “18 It’s Alright” by Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions. Link up with Gary Dranow on any streaming platform of choice.

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