Gary Dranow pushes for sustainable environment in ‘The Heart of the Forest’


Gary Dranow pushes for sustainable environment in ‘The Heart of the Forest’.

Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions are at it again and this time around, they aimed at promoting the preservation of our forestry reserves. Though this sounds more like a social campaign, they beautifully put across the message in the medium they know best, a song.

The song, dubbed ‘The Heart of The Forest‘ was released on February 15th, 2024. It treats listeners to a tour of the serenity of the forest and its arable land virtually. Aimed at projecting the beauty and stewardship of the forest and its land, it perfectly blended rock and storytelling.

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The resulting musical masterpiece is The Heart of The Forest, which magnifies the essence of the natural environment and its resources like the forestry reserves. The song does not just address the need for a sustainable environment but also portrays the band’s unique musical dexterity thanks to its thought-provoking lyrics and awesome sound engineering.

Preserving our planet and its treasures for generations to come is a none non-bargainable sustainability goal. This song makes us appreciate the very essence of it as much as possible.

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