Music Factory Records releases a new single, “Miles Around” by Peter Daniel


Music Factory Records releases a new single, “Miles Around” by Peter Daniel.

Music Factory Records proudly announced the release of “Miles Around,” the second single from Seattle-based saxophonist, Peter Daniel’s upcoming project, “Quartets.”

The fantastic new track features an all-star lineup, including Marina Albero on Fender Rhodes, Marina Christopher on Upright Bass, and Heather Thomas on Drums.

“Miles Around” is a groove-laden masterpiece, with Marina Christopher’s ostinato bassline setting the foundation for a transcendental journey. Heather Thomas’s rhythmic precision and Marina Albero’s spicy Fender Rhodes arrangements create the perfect backdrop for Peter Daniel’s soulful saxophone performance.

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However, as the leader of the quartet, Peter Daniel showcases his mastery of the saxophone, evoking timeless scenes of classic music videos. With “Miles Around,” Daniel proves himself to be a true master of jazz and music at large.

With “Miles Around,” Peter Daniel and his quartet have created a sumptuous melodious feast that is sure to delight jazz fans and audience worldwide. Don’t miss out on this exciting new release from Music Factory Records.

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