Eduard now called Shyfrin Alliance’s “Whiskey Blues”


Eduard, the mastermind behind Shyfrin Alliance, has a profound connection with music, saying that, “Whiskey Blues is playing in my soul.” This statement reflects his passion for creating meaningful and impactful music.

The talented artist doubling as a songwriter, is so committed to crafting lyrics that convey incredible messages. He even mentioned this in a conversation, “I try not to write meaningless lyrics, without a message, I’m not interested in that.”

Eduard’s journey to becoming a musician is an unconventional one. Classically trained on the piano in Ukraine as a child, he initially pursued a career in metallurgy and business, his first pursuit.

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However, some crisis led him to seek more meaning and purpose in life. His commitment to meaningful lyrics and his unique blend of rock, blues, and ballads made his music a refreshing addition to the industry.

This quest for answers drove him to explore the world of Kabbalah and science, and published his Amazon bestseller ‘From Infinity to Man: The Fundamental ideas of Kabbalah within the framework of information Theory and Quantum Physics’.

After years of research and self-discovery, Eduard returned to music, and his transformed mindset, research, and life experiences have now culminated in Shyfrin Alliance.

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Eduard’s story is a testament to the power of self-discovery and the importance of pursuing one’s passions. Through his music, he shares his journey and his message, inspiring others to do the same.

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