UPSHS keep Aburi Girl’s in check


University Practice SHS (UPSHS) were head and shoulders above Aburi Girl’s SHS in their Second Round contest of Senior Sharks 7.

UPSHS once again displayed a remarkable piece of intellect in this contest which could make for a cinematic narration. But the outstanding performances of the Cape Coasters in Senior Sharks 7 isn’t altogether surprising. UPSHS had early on defeated another A-list Girls school, St. Louis SHS, to make it to this stage.

Aburi Girl’s, coming into this contest as a Ranked School knew abundantly that they had to stand firm or lose their ranking. Thankfully, the mountaineers were able to hold their own against the ‘Practitioners’, and confidently tied with them in the First and Third rounds.

UPSHS, enlisting a crack team with Adom and Princess at their peak, however, were simply a handful, wrapping up another inspiring win. The earlier win over St. Louis could be seen as a bit hellacious for UPSHS, but this win over Aburi Girls was simply Edenic in all respects.

Right Corner Round

In this round, UPSHS were sub-par in their First Round contest of Senior Sharks 7.
Yet again they faltered in this Second Round contest. When UPSHS first took position to answer questions on Social Literacy, they ended up with twenty (20) points. Aburi Girls (Abugiss), when they had their turn also ended with twenty (20) points. That mathematically evened out the grounds going into the R Cubed Round.

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R Cubed Round

Fans witnessed a phenomenal display of English prowess from both teams with UPSHS wee steps ahead. In the Arithmetic, UPSHS again showed their acumen with impressive buzzes, whereas Aburi Girls failed to bring any correct answer. Thus UPSHS opened a bassilic gap by ending the round with forty-forty-five (45) points while Aburi fell below the zero line with five (-5) points.

STEM Round

Having come into this contest as a Ranked school, Aburi Girls were not ready to give up that privilege easily. As soon as UPSHS missed the first riddle, they were right there with the correct answer for a cool ten (10) points. The two schools took turns to bag a correct question correctly alongside two incorrect answers. Thus they both ended the round with ten (10) points.

One-on-one Round

Princess and Mitchelle made their entry as English specialists for Aburi Girl’s and UPSHS respectively. Princess put the enthusiastic UPSHS supporters into delirium with her two succint answers to the idioms posed to them.
Math dons Adom and Emmanuella sorted themselves for UPSHS and Aburi Girls respectively.

Both fell short of their objective.
Edwin and Queenstey completed the pair of Science experts for UPSHS and Aburi Girl’s respectively. Again, the two specialists did not contribute anything valuable.
Finally, with the contest won by UPSHS, General Knowledge experts Joseph and Sybil rounded up the list.

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Sybil was faster than Joseph on the first question, but none could identify the photo of Ghanaian chef, and Guinness World Records chaser, known culinarily as ‘Millenium Chef’.
End of Round scores gave Aburi Girls ten (10) points, while UPSHS had twenty (20) points.
With final scores announced as thirty-five (35) points for Aburi Girls and UPSHS with ninety-five ( 95) points, UPSHS had achieved another mind-blowing victory.

UPSHS are in a rich vein of form and look really psyched up for any opposition.
How far can they go?
Congratulations to them and better luck to Aburi Girl’s.

Quiz Results

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